5 Genius Ways To Make Your Classic Fruit Salad Way More Protein-Dense

No, I’m not suggesting you serve your fruit salad atop a plain dollop of yogurt like you might at breakfast. Instead, take your cues from savory salad and loosen up some Greek or plant-based yogurt for a delicious dressing. It’s a trick I learned from nutritionist and mbg Functional Nutrition Program instructor Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN, who uses “plain yogurt thinned out with water with different spices mixed in” as a dressing during lunches. For fruit salad, try adding a little citrus zest or spices that pair with fruit.

Getting creative with simple favorites can turn them into something new to love, and it’s particularly fun when you can take a childhood favorite and transform it into something extra nutritious. And since we may actually be hosting or heading to get-togethers this summer, that’s all the more reason to try out a new recipe.

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