Can You Take Collagen & Biotin Together? What The Experts Tell Us

Let’s revisit the intro. Remember how it’s important to consider safety and efficacy when deciding to take two supplement nutrients or bioactives together? Well, biotin and collagen pass on both fronts. 

“Collagen and biotin are both safe, well-tolerated cosmeceutical bioactives, supporting hair, skin, and nail health,”* says Ferira. “But they have their own unique and individual mechanisms for structurally and functionally doing that, hence the reasonable potential for synergy in combining them. Both collagen- and biotin-containing foods and supplements provide key nutrients or building blocks for our body. Collagen provides macronutrient—protein—nourishment and critical amino acid building blocks. Biotin provides an essential water-soluble B vitamin (B7), which acts as a versatile cofactor in a variety of bodily functions.”*

Research shows this too. While biotin hasn’t been as well studied on its own, there’s a decent amount of clinical research studying the two ingredients together. For example, this study demonstrates that taking both has a positive impact on skin hydration, elasticity, smoothness, and density.* Another clinical intervention found improved collagen structure of facial skin via objective microscopy results, plus positive subjective results for skin’s appearance (e.g., elasticity, wrinkles, and texture) on hands, neck, legs, belly, and décolleté.*

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