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The Probiotic That Helps (Finally!) Ease Gas, According To mbg Reviews*

Passing a little gas here and there is totally normal. And, who are we kidding? It can feel great, too. When that gas starts to build up, though, it may lead to an uncomfortable tummy and bloating. Thankfully, improvements in gas and gut health overall can be possible with the help of targeted probiotic strains.*

When mbg developed probiotic+, we purposely included 2 billion colony-forming units of Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 (B. lactis HN019)The probiotic strain has been shown to support regularity by decreasing intestinal transit time and reduce flatulation.* Translation: The less time poop spends traveling through the digestive tract, the less likely it is for gas to build up in there.*

All-in-all, these gut-friendly bugs support gut microbiome health and help ease unwanted gas, thereby promoting abdominal comfort.* In fact, many mbg reviewers raved about the positive results of taking probiotic+.* Here’s what they have to say:

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